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Digital Signage Software

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Wallflower Global

Wallflower Lite

Wallflower Lite   Wallflower Lite is a stand-alone version. It is designed to be implemented where only one computer is being used to drive your digital signage screen. This is suitable for simple installations for example a bar or retail store where the owner develops their own media. Wallflower Lite is also useful as a demonstration tool.
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Wallflower Global

Wallflower Network

Wallflower Network   The Wallflower Network version can be thought of as the Enterprise Edition of Wallflower. It is designed to be implemented where your digital signage screens are spread across your network. With the Wallflower Network version, the content management can be centralised and content can be distributed to your screens across your network using local or wide are network resources. Alternatively ftp; the file transfer protocol distribution method may be used.
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Sabercom Software

Sabercom is an effective communications tool. Sabercom's Software provides digital signage and a corporate screensaver for displaying engaging, visual information to everyone within your organisation.   Sabercom's digital signage, corporate screensaver and reception screen solutions can be used to communicate multimedia content across your office, campus or contact centre.   Sabercom's  Software ensure that you have the right digital signage solution to match your requirements in terms of functionality and budget. From an initial set up with a single reception screen to digital signage screens across a multi site internal communications network.
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