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Display Solutions for Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage portfolio includes:


·    Media players / Signage PCs

·    Digital Signage Software, (Player, Management, Scheduler etc)

·    Indoor, Outdoor & Sunlight Readable Displays

·    Interactive Touch, including Multi-touch and Multi-user.


From customer’s requirements, we select the best matching signage software from our selected software partners and teams and with our own player and display hardware which is already qualified with the software. Never again will you experience the pain of incompatibility or integration issues.


Media Players and Signage PCs








Digital Signage Displays














Digital Signage Software






Wallflower Globla






From our barebones or embedded boards to our robust digital signage PCs and media players with network ports and internal storage, Display Solutions offers a wide range of platforms, components and price points to meet any digital signage requirement. Indoor, Outdoor, Sunlight readable or vandal resistant, we can provide an integrated and complete hardware, software and display solution.


Our digital signage products combine advanced media output and network delivery technologies to achieve the optimum solution to ensure your digital signage application will open the doors to present the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

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