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Digital Signage Media

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Media Players / Digital Signage PCs


From our barebones or embedded boards to our robust digital signage PCs and media players with network ports and internal storage, Display Solutions offers a wide range of platforms, components and price points to meet any digital signage requirement.


Our players have been pre-approved by; Acquire, Sabercom, SCALA and Wallflower Global.


Approved Media Player / Digital Signage PCs


A range of slimline, fanless players and PC’s based on a fully Embedded solution. These are not consumer products, but professional  products with at least 3 years manufacturing life. MSI-IPC division bring the economies of scale from the consumer market to the embedded market.


With a solid background and established pedigree in the Embedded / Industrial market, Lanner offer a wide range of fully signage players and PCs. With components carefully selected from the Intel long life embedded product range, these units have manufacturing lives of up to 7 years. Never again will you be forced to change your image due to a hardware change.


Avalue is one of the top manufacturers in the long life embedded computing market. Avalue now offer full turn key digital signage systems, with product offerings covering the complete digital signage range from a single board player through to a fully featured “All-in-One” display, including multi-touch.


Their strength is in the breadth of  technologies available  in-house and knowing where to apply them. Many of the products are available with a 5-7 year manufacturing life.

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