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In order to provide products to our clients who are looking for a dynamic touch solution, Avalue is now introducing new multi-touch solutions in several product lines including APC, MPC and TPC.


Integrated with Windows 7, our multi-touch solution is driver-free and gives better touch consistency. With its interactivity, the multi-touch panel PC will help our client reduce personnel expanse and customer satisfaction


The DisplayTouch Range is also available, and offers 15" to 32"projected capacitive touch monitors (P-CAP).With touch technology provided by one of the largest and most successful global providers, DisplayTouch offers proven durability, usability and a peerless pedigree.


Ideal for any environment where a reliable, accurate and fast touchscreen experience is needed, the DisplayTouch range is equally suitable for a wide range of applications including entertainment, information and retail.


All DisplayTouch units are available as either finished monitors for standalone desk or wall mounting, and open frame for incorporation into kiosks or OEM chassis.





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